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Warmduscher - Twitchin' In The Kitchen

To these ears, 'Twitchin' In The Kitchen' is a killer blend of Glam Rock, The Ramones, with a bit of Teutonic Techno mixed in to spice things up. But it's definitely still 100% Warmduscher and effortlessly continues their run of brilliant singles. However, I will defer to the band's kickass frontman Clams Baker to explain the track. "Electric transmissions from the kitchens of twitch! Busy signals, threats of bodily harm, the pan-fried doom of Grandma's palpitations, a k2 carpet ride you can't hop off of. Pick it up, Jan & Jimmy. You're all alone!". I couldn't put it better myself.

Homework #1: Warmduscher - Wild Flowers /

Homework #2: Warmduscher - Fatso /

Homework #3: Warmduscher - Midnight Dipper (Soulwax) /

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