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Walt Disco - How Cool Are You?

Walt Disco's 'Selfish Lover' was the most overlooked song of 2021. If you've not heard it, it's a guitar-led Power Pop number with arguably the biggest chorus of the year. But based on this follow-up, 'How Cool are you?', they are only just getting started. It's an absolute monster with chunks of Bowie and Bolan in there, as expected, but it also sounds a little like Madness's 'House of Fun' in the middle of a nervous breakdown. Which I think is something we can all get behind. If they keep this level of quality up, 2022 will be theirs. Incredible.

Homework #1: Walt Disco - Selfish Lover /

Homework #2: Walt Disco - Hey Boy (You're One Of Us) /

Homework #3: Walt Disco - Cut Your Hair /

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