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Visage - Fade To Grey (L. de Brégeot & Violet Chachki Remix)

At the personal request of Steve Strange's estate, Drag Race Alum Violet Chachki has joined forces with the gloriously monikered Lecomte de Brégeot to produce this exquisite spin on the era-defining 'Fade To Grey' by Visage. Musically, it's the update you'd expect. It's been beefed up for 2022, not straying that far away from the original (which is no bad thing) but adding a few extra stylish touches. You should also 100% check out the video because it simultaneously proves what an incredible artist Chachki is while elevating the song to new heights. It's basically a Marc Almond wet dream.

Homework #1: Visage - Fade To Grey /

Homework #2: Visage - Fade To Grey (Kim & Buran Dub) /

Homework #3: Visage - Fade To Grey (Michael Gray Mix) /

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