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UNDERWORLD X KETTAMA - g-town euphoria (Luna)

I have been excited about the new Underworld material since I first heard the acapella version of 'Denver (Luna)' last year. It was a blissful noise with endless layers of electronic harmonies. Unfortunately, the full track felt like a reworked 'Born Slippy', a tune I have never warmed to (fight me). However, all is not lost! This collaboration with KETTAMA is exactly what I needed. It feels like their classic sound brought bang up to date. The second the beat drops, you're blown away by a tidal wave of energy. Easily my favourite Underworld release in years. This is essential.

Homework #1 | Underworld - Denver (Luna) /

Homework #2 | KETTAMA - Fly Away XTC /

Homework #3 | Underworld - Dark & Long (Dark Train) /

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