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TR/ST ft. Jake Shears - Being Boring

I imagine quite a few of my close friends will be appalled by this statement, but 'Being Boring' has never been one of my favourite Pet Shop Boys songs. That doesn't mean it's not amazing (it's lyrically perfect), and I get why it's adored, but I have always preferred their upbeat numbers more. Canadian producer TR/ST has teamed up with Jake Shears and covered the track for his new EP, and I think it's bloody marvellous. The original was contemplative and often sad; this version is bouncier and more overtly celebratory. Something that reflects my memories of the 90s especially.

Homework #1 | Pet Shop Boys - Being Boring /

Homework #2 | TR/ST - Iris /

Homework #3 | Jake Shears - I Used To Be In Love (YAME) /

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