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Tove Lo - I like u

Has the 90s revival finished already? I cannot keep up. I'm only asking because Tove Lo has leapt into the 2000s with both feet for 'I like u'. It's a hands-in-the-air, podium and glowstick moment that would have graced the speakers at clubs like Gatecrasher or Amnesia at the turn of the century. She's clearly done her homework here. It even has the simplistic, repetitive chorus that almost every track had back then. If you love it, make sure you stream the fuck out of it, as a portion of those profits go to the Trevor Project.

Homework #1: Angelic - It's My Turn /

Homework #2: Paul Van Dyk & St Etienne - Tell Me Why /

Homework #3: Starparty - I'm In Love /

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