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Tove Lo - 2 Die 4

Isn't sampling great? It is brilliant to take an old song and use a tiny snippet of it to build something new and exciting. Recycling at its best. But when is it too much? '2 Die 4' has literally ripped the guts out of Hot Butter's 'seminal' 1972 hit 'Popcorn' and constructed a track around it. It's an interesting choice, and you've got to assume that no one under forty will notice. But even if they do, it won't matter because it's been morphed into a powerhouse of a pop tune by Tove Lo, who has spun gold once more.

Homework #1: Hot Butter - Popcorn /

Homework #2: Tove Lo - No One Dies From Love /

Homework #3: Tove Lo - Disco Tits /

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