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Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs & Moullinex - So Alive

Playing catch-up a bit, had a busy couple of weeks. I doubt there's been another tune this year whose title lives up to its content in the way 'So Alive' does. After a few seconds of set up (with a riff Vince Clarke would be proud of), the bass drops and the track charges off and doesn't let up until the end. As tends to be the case with many of my favourite dance tunes, this one is all about the layers. Even when it does drop out, it still feels like a bottomless pit of sound. Top quality gear.

Homework #1: TEED - Never Seen You Dance /

Homework #2: Moullinex & GPU Panic - Blasphemy /

Homework #3: LA Priest - Beginning (TEED Remix) /

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