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Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - I Can Hear The Birds EP

There's been a definite creative boom during the lockdown and this is one of my favourite things that's emerged from these dark times. Built around recordings of birdsong heard in his and his friend's gardens in different places around the world, this EP of uncharacteristically ambient tracks from TEED has crashed into my top ten of the year. It's impeccably crafted, washing over you in lush and seemingly neverending waves and you'll feel enveloped and protected by it. Each track is distinct but cohesive, and you could easily leave them on repeat for hours and never get bored. Absolute Perfection.

Homework #1: TEED - Brockley /

Homework #2: TEED - Los Angeles /

Homework #3: TEED - Islas Canarias /

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