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Tony y Not - Your Exile In My Mind (Jorkes Remix)

I can't think of a better way to end the weekend than diving headfirst into six minutes of pulsating, sexual Techno from Tony Y Not, touched by the hand of Jorkes. 'Your Exile Is In My Mind' was already pretty fucking astonishing in its own right. All glittering, sweeping 70s Space Disco with a killer drop. But this remix twists it into more intense territory and feels exactly like the headfuck tunes I used to regularly lose my shit to while staring into lasers in Turnmills for hours on end. Check out Jorkes' new EP, 'Sodomy', for more killer electronica.

Homework #1: Tony y Not - Your Exile In My Mind /

Homework #2: Jorkes - Hotel Date /

Homework #3: Tony y Not - The War Is Over... /

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