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Tim Burgess - Yours. To Be.

Feeling a little light-headed. I've just done a bit of digging and discovered that 'The Only One I Know' is thirty years old. I can vividly remember bouncing around in a Newquay Brown induced stupor to it as a teenager. Tim Burgess was a fantastic frontman, and this first song from his brand new six-track EP is utterly gorgeous. Gentle, almost dreamlike in places, and with his distinct vocal front and centre. It's lovely. There has always been something about his voice that moulds itself perfectly to anything he sings on. I could listen to this on repeat for days.

Track Link:

Homework #1: Tim Burgess - The Mall /

Homework #2: Tim Burgess - Empathy For The Devil /

Homework #3: Tim Burgess - Laurie /

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