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Thundercat & Tame Impala - No More Lies

If ever there were two artists whose styles were so perfectly attuned to each other that collaboration was an inevitability, it's Tame Impala and Thundercat. They share the same universe in my head, so this feels like something I always knew was coming and just how good it would be, but I wasn't ready for just how ecstatic I am now that it's here. 'No More Lies' is five and a half minutes of blissful, psychedelic heaven. If I could invent time travel, go back to the 1970s and buy Qualuudes to take while I listen to it, I would.

Homework #1: Thundercat - Them Changes /

Homework #2: Tame Impala - Patience /

Homework #3: Gorillaz ft. Thundercat - Cracker Island /

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