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The Tamperer - Feel It (Albert Marzinotto Re-Feel It Mix)

They say that if you can remember the 1990s, you weren't really there. Bollocks to that! I have thousands of chemically induced memories from that decade tucked away for constant revisitation in the back of my brain. This new version of the Tamperer's 'Feel It' by Albert Marzinotto takes me straight back to 1998. I don't think it's got the punch of the original or even the Sharp Boys remix, but it's still enough of a kick to make me smile and reminisce about a distant time when my legs didn't hurt the next day if I went out dancing.

Homework #1: The Tamperer ft. Maya - Feel It (Sharp Remix) /

Homework #2: David Morales - Needin' U /

Homework #3: Energy 52 - Café Del Mar '98 (Three N One) /

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