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The Shapeshifters - Slippery People (Sophie Lloyd Remix)

Now this is how you fucking do it! Featuring an amazing vocal from Ramona Renea (and additional vibes from Fiorious), this Sophie Lloyd remix of The Shapeshifters 'Slippery People' is so good that not only will it take you to church, but it will also dance you down the aisle with your hands raised high in the air, before dumping you into your seat where you can keep on dancing until the last beat. Every element here is perfectly pitched and has been combined, and the resulting track is easily one of my favourite House tracks of 2023. Absolutely incredible.

Homework #1: The Shapeshifters - Second Chance /

Homework #2: David Penn ft. Ramona Renea - Stand Up /

Homework #3: Sophie Lloyd ft. Dames Brown -

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