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The Knocks ft. Foster The People - All About You (Tensnake Remix)

What was already one of the year's biggest singles is now even better thanks to this absolutely phenomenal remix from Tensnake. The man has a golden touch whenever he reworks other people's material (and with his own output, for that matter) and has delivered a genuine sense of euphoria here, creating one of the most potent 'pop' remixes I've heard in years. Every element taken from the original has been handled meticulously. The result is joyously uplifting from start to finish, with a Gospel breakdown and accompanying drop-in that will keep you dancing right the way through to next year.

Homework #1: The Knocks ft. FTP - All About You /

Homework #2: Tensnake - Coma Cat /

Homework #3: Dua Lipa - Hallucinate (Tensnake Remix) /

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