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The Killers - Boy

'Boy' kicks off exactly as you'd expect from a Killers single. Driving drums, guitar power chords, and Brandon Flowers's perennially dreamy vocals. But halfway through, it suddenly takes a sharp, unexpected turn to the left, becoming a full-on 80s Synthpop number, coming across like a slightly watered-down version of their own 'Human' combined with Erasure's mighty 'A Little Respect'. It's a bit jarring the first time you listen to it, but it's a combination that ultimately works. It is probably the most radio-friendly track of the year, too. No doubt you'll hear it everywhere as we round out the summer.

Homework #1: Erasure - A Little Respect /

Homework #2: The Killers - Human /

Homework #3: Brandon Flowers - Crossfire /

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