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The Go! Team - Divebomb

Summer is over for another year, and the nights are starting to draw in. But if there's one thing you can always count on to deliver a significant injection of sunshine into your life, it's new music from Brighton's very finest, The Go! Team. 'Divebomb' is an indestructible whirlwind of life-affirming noise designed to grab you by the guts and throw you around the room, bouncing you off the walls until you have an enormous smile plastered across your face. Nobody does it better than them. Fun Fact, the keyboards here are making me tingle in all the right places.

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Homework #1: The Go! Team - Ladyflash /

Homework #2: The Go! Team - Apollo Throwdown /

Homework #3: The Go! Team - A Bee Without Its Sting /

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