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The Fratellis - Need A Little Love

Back in 2006, The Fratellis somewhat jackhammered their stake into the ground with 'Chelsea Dagger'. Making it the lairy soundtrack to the end of many people's summer that year. Fifteen years later, 'Need a Little Love' provides hefty flashbacks to those wholesome chart tracks from the late 70s. The sort of things that I can recall seeing my sister dancing to while we were all sat together watching Top of the Pops as a family. She had a killer routine to 'Wanted' by The Dooleys that I can still remember to this day. Pure, unadulterated, pop music at it's best.

Homework #1: The Fratellis - Six Days In June /

Homework #2: The Feeling - Feel My Little World /

Homework #3: The Dooleys - Wanted /

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