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Telenova - Discothèque Inside My Head

If you're after a band that keeps improving with every new track, look no further than Telenova. They know their way around a tune, always delivering gentle Indie Pop numbers that hit my sweet spot. Their latest single, 'Discothèque Inside My Head', is no exception. There aren't many songs detailing how we should all work alongside the noises and thoughts swimming about in our brains instead of fighting them (a lesson I learned years ago, thanks to my neurodivergence). But that's precisely what they've done here, and it's all done in the most delicate yet insanely addictive way possible. Gorgeous.

Homework 1 | Telenova - Power /

Homework 2 | Telenova - Why Do I Keep You? /

Homework 3 | Telenova - Teardrop /

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