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TEED - When The Lights Go / Never Seen You Dance

It's been ten years since the first full-length Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs release. I am used to seeing a new EP, a remix, or a collaboration appear every few weeks, so it doesn't feel like that. New single 'When The Lights Go' is the title track from his upcoming second album, and it's bloody lovely. All atmospheric 80s synth lines and moody harmonies. But wait! This is a 2-For-1 special because I've also just picked up on 'Never Seen You Dance', a glorious slice of piano-driven pop complete with a killer hook and perfect vocals, with a great video. Heavenly.

Homework #1: TEED - Trouble /

Homework #2: TEED - Brockley /

Homework #3: TEED - Blood In The Snow /

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