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Tears For Fears - Break The Man

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

Comebacks are a tricky thing. They either land spectacularly, or the band or artist disappear into obscurity (until the next attempt, obviously). There's one group that always seems to get it right, Tears For Fears. I can remember hearing the masterpiece that is 'Sowing the Seeds of Love' for the first time. It was genuinely jaw-dropping. Fast forward to today, and they have returned once again with three exquisite new tracks led by the flawless 'Break The Man'. It's a song that confirms what fucking fantastic songwriters they are and why we should all be glad that they are back.

Homework #1: Tears For Fears - Sowing The Seeds... /

Homework #2: Tears For Fears - Mad World /

Homework #3: Tears For Fears - Pale Shelter /

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