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Tame Impala - Journey To The Real World

I've not been a fan of most tracks from the new Barbie movie. They have all been a bit 'beige' for my taste. We now have the full album, and whoever chose the lead singles needs a slap because there are some absolute diamonds on there. You've got Gayle's blistering punk version of Crazy Town's 'Butterflies', Ava Max's brilliant Europop heavy 'Choose Your Fighter', and Billie Eilish's wistful 'What Was I Made For?' are all fantastic tunes. But for these ears, Tame Impala takes the crown (as usual) with 'Journey To The Real World', 90 seconds of soaring, kaleidoscopic perfection.

Homework #1: Ava Max - Choose Your Fighter /

Homework #2: GAYLE - butterflies /

Homework #3: Billie Eilish - What Was I Made For? /

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