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Tall Paul - Voodoo Ray

There have been some smashing reworks of seminal late 80s acid track 'Voodoo Ray' over the years. I'll admit that I was nervous when I saw the name Tall Paul. He's always had more of a full-on party sound, and this is one of those classics that should be handled carefully to keep the essence of the original intact. Thankfully, I can happily report that it's fantastic. His trademark style is definitely there, but it's softer than usual and with a gorgeous rumbling bassline underpinning it. This is a remix by someone who clearly adores the source material. Great stuff.

Homework #1: Lisa May - The Curse of Voodoo Ray /

Homework #2: Tall Paul - Rok Da House /

Homework #3: A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray /

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