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Superorganism - Solar System

London Collective Superorganism is not shy about collaborating. As well as regular cohorts CHAI and Pi Ja Ma, they have roped in Joe Astle from Boa Constrictors for new single 'Solar System'. That title fits because I am 100% certain this song was recorded on another planet. It's the most joyous, batshit crazy noise I've heard in a good while. Every second of it loaded with sunshine. Each time the chorus drops, it sucks you a little bit further into its twisted universe. Just watch the video if you want more proof. It's Sesame Street on a bucket of acid.

Homework #1: Superorganism - Into The Sun /

Homework #2: Superorganism - Hello Me And You /

Homework #3: Superorganism - Everybody Wants... /

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