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Sugababes - Overload (Metronomy vs Tatyana Remix)

If I put together a list of the top ten pop songs since the start of the 2000s, 'Overload' by the Sugababes would most definitely be near the summit, if not in the #1 spot. It's perfect, and I will fight anyone who disagrees with me to the death. However, this new version released as part of their ongoing first album remix project is an absolute train wreck. Whoever's idea was to obliterate the tune entirely and take the whole thing off-key needs a swift kick in the nuts. It actually made me feel uncomfortable listening to it. Hard pass.

Homework #1: Sugababes - Overload /

Homework #2: Sugababes - Too Lost In You /

Homework #3: Sugababes - Red Dress /

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