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Sophie Lloyd ft. Pauline Taylor - Angels By My Side

Pauline Taylor is someone that I've known about since the mid-90s through her work with Rollo and his Cheeky Records label. There's a soulful tone to her voice that a million singers would die for. It just complements dance music perfectly. Cue Sophie Lloyd, whose 'Calling Out' was massive for me a few years back, with a killer new track on Classic, 'Angels By My Side', featuring Taylor's incredible vocals. It's a joy-soaked House tune that warms you from head to toe, leaving a huge smile on your face. Purpose made to send you to your happy place. Pure sunshine.

Homework #1: Sophie Lloyd ft. Dames Brown - Calling Out /

Homework #2: Rollo & Pauline Taylor - Let This Be A Prayer /

Homework #3: Pauline Taylor - Constantly Waiting /

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