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Solomun ft. ÄTNA - Tuk Tuk

I have yet to hear anything produced or remixed by Solomun that I didn't absolutely love, and this new track, 'Tuk Tuk', isn't going to change my mind any time soon. It's a fantastic combination of warm and detailed percussion, deep rumbling bass, and a killer vocal from ÄTNA's Inez. It's one of those tunes that you find yourself moving to without realising that it's completely taken over your body. Basement Jaxx do the same thing to me, and they are actually a pretty good comparison here. If you're a fan of their stuff, you should definitely check this out.

Homework #1: Solomun - Home /

Homework #2: ÄTNA - Won't Stop /

Homework #3: Agoria - You're Not Alone (Solomun Remix) /

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