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Skrillex, Missy Elliott & Mr Oizo - RATATA

Like the next man, I enjoy a good threesome. But this collaboration between Skrillex, Missy Elliott and Mr Oizo was something I never expected to see and even less to love as much as I do. Built around Missy's 'Work It', everything has been turned up way past eleven here. Every element, from the warped electro riffs, tight bass and beats, and her predictably flawless rap, are perfectly aligned. It's aggressive as fuck, and all the better for it. But the best part here is the reminder of how untouchable Missy is when she raps. This is the absolute bollocks.

Homework #1: Missy Elliott - Work It /

Homework #2: Skrillex, Fred Again.. & Flowdan - Rumble /

Homework #3: Mr Oizo - Flat Beat /

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