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Silverhook ft. Tareq - Slow Motion (KTP/Ross Jones Remixes)

Time for a 2-for-1 special! I reviewed the original, somewhat sinister, version of this a few weeks ago, however as the remix package has now 'hit the shelves' it's worth mentioning again. Four great mixes here, but the two that are pressing my buttons are from Kiss The Panther (better known as Bitrocka) and the excellent Ross Jones. The KTP rework is an awesome combo of the Pet Shop Boys and Motiv8. While Mr Jones has delivered an early 00s Defected / Subliminal style bassline heavy house mix that is bringing back memories of many wasted nights out in Soho. Track Link #1: (Kiss The Panther)

Track Link #2: (Ross Jones)

Homework #1: Silverhook ft. Tareq - Slow Motion (Original) /

Homework #2: Sugababes - Get Sexy (Bitrocka Remix) /

Homework #3: I am a Camera - Legendary Children (Mr Jones)

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