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Silverhook ft. Tareq - Slow Motion (Extended Mix)

No word describes the way this kicks off better than 'sinister'. It could be because of the intense vocal, or maybe the ominous, throbbing, bassline. Either way, it's creepy as fuck. But that's definitely a good thing because if it didn't have any of that darkness at the beginning, it wouldn't explode the way it does later on. It's about the layers, and they come thick and fast. Building through the verses, before plunging you headfirst into a tidal wave of a chorus. On top of all that, you get the mother of all drop-ins after the breakdown. Electropop Perfection.

Homework #1: Tareq - You & Me (Silverhook Remix) /

Homework #2: Kelly Osbourne - One Word (Chris Cox Dub) /

Homework #3: Narcotic Thrust - Safe From Harm /

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