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Silverhook & ELIOT - Another World / Hello Goodbye

DJ and Beefmince promoter Silverhook has joined forces with ELIOT again, resulting in this pair of fabulous new tracks taken from their upcoming 'INVITATION' EP. Both tunes are packed with 80s Synth touches that'll trigger a million happy memories for those of a certain age. However, the MVPs here are the remixes for me. They include fantastic Tuffcub Pet Shop Boy-inspired reworks on 'Hello Goodbye', and FASCINATION and Mala Ika put their spin on 'Another World'. Killer, the lot of them. Look no further if you're a fan of hook-laden Electro Pop that will make you smile like a motherfucker.

Homework 1 | Silverhook & ELIOT - Hello... (Tuffcub) /

Homework 2 | ELIOT & Silverhook - Neon... (Fear Of Tigers) /

Homework 3 | Tareq - You And Me (Silverhook) /

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