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Sia - Manchild

Confession time. I am aware that 'Manchild' is most people's favourite Neneh Cherry track, but it's not mine. I can appreciate why they love it, it's a classy pop song, but I'd take 'Kisses On The Wind' or 'Buddy X' over it any day of the week. So, this Sia rework faces an uphill battle from the get-go, and unfortunately, it doesn't add anything to the original. In fact, it removes the things I enjoyed (the beats and strings) and speeds everything up to the point where it sounds like it's being sung as karaoke by a toddler. Shame, really.

Homework #1: Neneh Cherry - Manchild /

Homework #2: Neneh Cherry - Kisses On The Wind /

Homework #3: Neneh Cherry - Buddy X /

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