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Shygirl - SIREN (Basement Jaxx Cruise Mix)

There have been loads of recent remixes that sound like they were touched by Basement Jaxx's hand but weren't. So I am more than a little bit thrilled to get the real deal with a pair of mixes of 'SIREN' by them for South London's excellent Shygirl. Out of the two, I'm drawn towards the galloping 'Cruise Mix', which is rammed full of their signature house party style, albeit with a massive piano breakdown that I've not really heard in their stuff before. If there's a Notting Hill Carnival this year, I can see this blowing the stages to pieces.

Homework #1: Shygirl - Tasty /

Homework #2: Shygirl - Uckers /

Homework #3: Shygirl - Slime /

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