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Shaznay Lewis & Self Esteem - Pick You Up

If you've been paying attention for the last few months, you'll have noticed that Shaznay Lewis is back with a vengeance. Check out the mindblowing 'Kiss of Life' below if you missed it. It's six minutes of laidback, classy Pop Music you need in your rotation. Her new single, 'Pick You Up', a collaboration with the formidable Rebecca Lucy Taylor, AKA Self Esteem, stresses the importance of elevating those around us, helping them become the best they can be. It's a great song with a powerful message delivered by two women at the top of their game. Get into it.

Homework 1 | Shaznay Lewis - Kiss Of Life /

Homework 2 | Self Esteem - I Do This All The Time /

Homework 3 | All Saints - Black Coffee /

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