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SeeMeNot - Chez Renee (Joe Goddard Remix)

I am getting serious Kosheen vibes from this one. Think it's the vocal. SeeMeNot has a superb, haunting, voice and when you add it together with one of the best Joe Goddard remixes I've heard this year (and there have been loads) you are presented with something pretty fucking special. There are a multitude of layers here. The vocals are 100% in charge whenever they are present, of course. But the minute detail in here is staggering. It's full of delicate electronic elements, all mixed in with a fat synth bassline, and so many precision percussive details. Combined, it's mindblowing.

Homework #1: SeeMeNot - Borderline /

Homework #2: Kosheen - Hide U (Creamer & K Remix) /

Homework #3: Melanie C - Who I am (Joe Goddard Remix) /

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