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Scarlet Fantastic - Make Way For Love

After their recent foray into the post-war East German cabaret scene with the gorgeous 'Better Day', Scarlet Fantastic are back on more familiar ground with this great 80s stomper. As well as the usual excellent songwriting you've come to expect from the band, 'Make Way For Love' is produced by the always impeccable Hifi Sean. So it's a double whammy in terms of quality. It also manages to achieve something that I think is missing from the vast majority of pop songs at the moment. It makes you feel good when you listen to it. And that's what matters, right?

Homework #1: Scarlet Fantastic - Better Day /

Homework #2: Scarlet Fantastic - Make Way... (Extended) /

Homework #3: McHifi - Bunker To Bunker /

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