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SAULT - Fight For Love

The ever-elusive SAULT is back with no less than five albums worth of material. For my ADHD-riddled brain, that's a bit much. So I've been asking friends for suggestions on where to focus my attention. I've settled on 'Fight For Love, taken from their '11' album for the blog. It's a sublime slice of chilled as fuck Soul music with the most beautiful guitar riffs you imagine threaded delicately throughout the track, combined with some exquisite, almost whispered vocals. It's heavenly, intoxicating stuff. But that's precisely what you always expect from this lot. Pure unadulterated quality from start to finish.

Homework #1: SAULT - The Circle /

Homework #2: SAULT - Wildfires /

Homework #3: SAULT - London Gangs /

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