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Satin Jackets - Levante (From Hidden Treasures EP)

I love a bit of atmospheric downtempo stuff. I fall into an almost zen-like state listening anything pitched around the 100bpm mark if it has the required swooshing noises, soft pads, and a smooth bassline. 'Levante' is the lead track from the new EP by the uber-talented German producer, Tim Bernhardt. The other three tracks are fantastic, but there is something about the low slung gem that kicks everything off that flicks a switch in my brain and makes me numb from head to toe (in the best possible way). Enjoy with a nice glass of wine and wearing slippers.

Homework #1: House of House - Rushin' To Paradise /

Homework #2: Aretha Franklin - Rock Steady (Sure Is Pure) / Homework #3: St Etienne - Only Love... (Weatherall Mix) /

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