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Sappho - Scared Angel

Three singles in, and I am utterly obsessed with Sappho. There's no going back now. We had the phenomenal 'Flex' (one of the best pop songs of the last couple of years) to kick things off. Followed by the equally brilliant 'Collide' at the start of 2022, we are gifted this week with the edgy Future-Pop of 'Scared Angel'. She currently has a 100% strike rate, and every new track from her makes me more excited for what's to come. Sappho is at the top of the list of artists I will keep shouting about until everyone starts paying attention.

Homework #1: Sappho - Flex /

Homework #2: Sappho - Collide /

Homework #3: Sappho - Flex (Again) /

Note - Intentional 'Double Flex' there, cos it's so good!

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