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Sam Smith & Kim Petras - Unholy

I've probably changed my mind about Sam Smith more often than I've changed my socks. This time, it's in a wholly positive direction because 'Unholy' is a cracker of a single. Teaming up here with the massively underrated Kim Petras, they have leaned into her darker Pop sound, and the result is fantastic. Dark, twisted, and packed full of almost Goth attitude. As a sage pop-loving friend of mine recently remarked, it's Sisters Of Mercy's 'This Corrosion' for Gen Z. More of this, please, Sam. Less of the ballads that sound like you're crying sat alone in a public toilet.

Homework #1: Sam Smith - How Do You Sleep? /

Homework #2: Kim Petras - In The Next Life /

Homework #3: Disclosure ft. Sam Smith - Latch /

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