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Rufus Wainwright & Chaka Khan - Cotton Eyed Joe

Wait... what? This is indeed a re-imagining of the 90s Bluegrass/Europop global #1 by Rednex. But it's about as close to the original as a walrus is to a double-decker bus. The track's roots go back to the 19th century, to be fair. So its inclusion on Wainwright's 'Folkocracy', an album of covers with artists like Sheryl Crow and David Byrne, makes total sense. The song has been reworked into a 4am Jazz Club standard, with both vocalists sounding incredible, especially Khan. But it does make you wonder what's coming next. I reckon they'd smash 'The Ketchup Song'.

Homework #1: Rednex - Cotton Eyed Joe /

Homework #2: Chaka Khan - Woman Like Me /

Homework #3: Rufus Wainwright - Dear World /

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