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Rose Gray - Synchronicity

Gray has teamed up with the superb Alex Metric for this new track, and I am obsessed with it. Together they have created something hypnotic and genuinely moreish, built around a bubbling acid line and repetitive synth stabs combined with an ethereal vocal. It's fucking great. My one criticism, I like a bit of stink on my electropop. This is so polished you could see your face in it. That's totally a 'Me' problem, though, because 'Synchronicity' is her best single yet (aside from that glorious cover of St. Etienne's 'Nothing Can Stop Us Now', but that's just common sense).

Homework #1: Rose Gray - Nothing Can Stop Us Now /

Homework #2: Alex Metric & Ten Ven - Saudade /

Homework #3: Rose Gray - Easy /

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