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Rose Gray - Higher Than The Sun EP

Rose Gray clearly appreciates great pop music. What you've got here are four equally impressive slices of updated 90s nostalgia, and each is more addictive than the next. It's almost impossible to select a favourite track here. You've got the brilliant 'Prettier Than You' that I wrote some nice words about last year, an ethereal trance-floor masterclass with 'Promise Me', and a healthy smattering of early Saint Etienne and Massive Attack on 'Sun Comes Up'. But, if I had to choose, my pick of the bunch would have to be the straight-up hedonistic club sounds of 'Ecstacy'. Get into it.

Track Link: (Ecstacy)

Homework #1: Rose Gray - Prettier Than You /

Homework #2: Rose Gray - Promise Me /

Homework #3: Rose Gray - Sun Comes Up /

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