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Rone ft. Georgia - Waves of Devotion

Rone has been a name at the forefront of electronica for over a decade. But even by his standards, teaming up with Georgia to add a vocal to the already gorgeous 'Ginkgo Biloba' from his last album is a masterstroke. The synergy between the pair is perfect. Her delivery is soft when it needs to be, and forceful whenever the track can take it. I had it on repeat for about two hours yesterday and heard new elements in the song with every listen. This sort of music is catnip to me. It's completely addictive and nourishing for the soul.

Homework #1: Rone - Gingko Biloba /

Homework #2: Rone - Belleville /

Homework #3: Rone ft. Noga Eraz - Waves /

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