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Rico Nasty - Own It

Around thirty seconds into 'Own It', Rico Nasty exclaims "When I walk in, jaws gonna drop"; which is precisely the reaction that I had the first time I heard this fucking colossal single. It's only a shade over two minutes long, but it's one of the most powerful tracks I've listened to in ages. Nasty's art transcends genre, with influences from Bowie to Rihanna. But what's clear here is that her way is the only way when it comes to her art, and thank fuck for that. Watch the mindblowing video for this if you need more proof. The Future.

Homework #1: Boys Noize ft. Rico Nasty - Girl Crush /

Homework #2: Rico Nasty - IPHONE /

Homework #3: Charlotte Adigéry - High Lights /

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