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Röyksopp ft. Susanne Sundfør - Oh, Lover

It's evident to anyone in the know that seeing these two names beside each other always means you're in for some musical dynamite. Sundfør is the best vocalist on the planet right now (fight me), and Röyksopp complements her perfectly with whatever track they choose to put behind that exquisite voice. This time, instead of the wide-open sonic, sprawling landscapes they usually create, they have gone for a more straight-up pop number. It feels intimate and beautifully crafted, and the quality levels off the scale. You can't help but fall in love with everything they do together. It's total class.

Homework #1: Röyksopp & Sundfør - If You Want Me /

Homework #2: Röyksopp & Sundfør - The Mourning Sun /

Homework #3: Röyksopp & Sundfør - Never Ever /

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