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Róisín Murphy - CooCool

When you've spent the week listening to good music, when something extraordinary comes along, it sticks out like a sore thumb (in the best way possible). This gorgeous new Róisín Murphy single on Ninja Tune has done precisely that. Teaming up with DJ Koze, they have produced a deep, sensual, after-hours basement 70s Disco tune that drips quality from start to finish. Granted, it does sound a wee bit like Vic & Bob trying to summon down the 'Dove From Above' in places, with all the 'Coo-Cooing', but I can forgive that when the track is perfect in every way.

Homework #1: Róisín Murphy - Something More /

Homework #2: DJ Koze - Pick Up /

Homework #3: Moloko - Forever More /

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