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Purple Disco Machine - Playbox

If 'The Benny Hill Show' was still on TV, this would be the music they used during the scenes when he chased a group of women who, for some inexplicable reason, were only wearing their underwear in the middle of the day around a tree in double time. Thankfully, that sort of pointless and misogynistic programming is long gone from our screens, but I am 100% here for any slice of 70s-tinged, camp as tits, Disco House that pops up and puts a massive smile on my face. 'Playbox' is cheeky, bouncy, and most importantly, a whole heap of fun.

Homework #1: Purple Disco Machine - Emotion /

Homework #2: Purple Disco Machine - Body Funk /

Homework #3: Purple Disco Machine - In My Arms /

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