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Purple Disco Machine ft. Sophie And The Giants - In The Dark

To be clear, 'In The Dark' is my favourite PDM track since 'Playbox'. It's pretty good (especially the vocal from Sophie And The Giants). I am saying this upfront because the rest of the review might seem a little less than favourable. I understand that 80s throwbacks are totally his schtick, but the whole thing flip-flops between Laura Branigan's 'Self Control' and 'You Keep Me Hanging on' by Kim Wilde. Not even tiny hints of them. Every second is 'inspired' by one of those two songs. So it's basically a straight-up tribute to them, but with different vocals. Job done.

Homework #1: Purple Disco Machine - Playbox /

Homework #2: Sophie And The Giants - Golden Nights /

Homework #3: Shapeshifters - Lola's Theme (PDM Remix) /

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