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Psymon Spine - Jumprope (Love Injection Euphoric Mix)

'Jumprope' easily made it into my top ten songs of 2022. Here we are, a shade over twelve months later, and I've fallen for it again. This luminous rework is what I imagine 'I Feel Love' might have turned out like if a group of robots on Quaaludes had created it. Only a few of the elements from the original are present, but what there is has been integrated in such a creative way the new track is a shining, futuristic disco soundscape that literally throbs from start to finish. All the layering is next level. It's absolutely fucking glorious!

Homework #1: Psymon Spine - Jumprope /

Homework #2: Psymon Spine ft. Barrie - Milk /

Homework #3: Psymon Spine - Modmed /

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